Senior advocates offers Free Advice and Information to Seniors faced with life changing circumstances and decisions.

Careful Advocate Provides Free Advice and Information to Seniors in Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, and Delray Beach


Careful Advocate provides no cost help to seniors seeking to transition from their current residence into a more suitable assisted or senior living arrangement. 

Dedicated to improving the lives of seniors in Boca raton, Delray Beach and Boynton Beach, Careful Advocate is committed to offering Free Advice and Information to Seniors.

We will enhance your lifestyle and overall well being at no cost. In fact, we actually save you money and will use our contacts and influence to negotiate lower costs for new housing arrangements and more.

Our mission involves planning, assisting, and recommending the best course of action for you to move into a reputable residence, all without any charges for our services. With expertise in navigating the necessary steps, we provide exclusive, private, and free advice to seniors about to make life changing decisions in Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, and Delray Beach.

No obligation, no billing, no insurance, no nothing, Get Free Advice and Information within minutes

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Meet the Executive Advocates,  Leading the Way to a Higher Level of Senior Assistance.

Meet Our Careful Advocates Empowering Seniors with Free Advice and Information. Our expert advocacy team of volunteers comprised of local, experienced executives committed to providing seasoned advice, valuable information, and time-saving guidance to seniors in Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Boynton Beach, Florida.

Careful Advocate takes great pride in our commitment to providing Free Advice and Information. Our goal is to ensure that every senior client receives the best possible assistance without any cost or obligation.

To Explore More About Senior Affairs in Florida, Click here to visit the Florida State Government Page of Elder Resources 

Committed to delivering expert, free advice and information to seniors in search of meticulous advocacy and assistance with changing times, especially moving into an assisted living community or an independent residence.

Executive Team Members

Ms. Lynne Weiser-Gewant, C.E.O. and Co-Founder

Ms. Weiser-Gewant possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the medical field, where she has dedicated herself for over two decades. Having successfully owned and managed medical centers for fifteen years, she made a thoughtful transition and became a Florida State Licensed Real Estate Broker, a role she has passionately embraced for the past twenty years.

Ms. Weiser-Gewant possesses over two decades of experience offering Free Advice and Information to Seniors. Additionally, she has devoted several years as a committed volunteer for Hospice

Mr. Jonathan Levy, C.O.O., President and Co-Founder

Mr. Levy’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable, filled with success and a heartwarming commitment to the well-being of local seniors. With a rich history as a three-time successful business owner, including businesses in New York and Florida, he’s always shown a remarkable ability to thrive and give back to seniors in need of guidance.

After two decades of establishing a thriving enterprise in New York, Mr. Levy made the heartfelt decision to relocate to Florida, reuniting with cherished friends and family. In the sunshine state, he realized a lifelong dream by becoming a private investigator (A9900347)**, and his passion for this field quickly became evident.

Over the last twenty-five years, Mr. Levy has meticulously examined numerous healthcare facilities, scrutinized hundreds of both medical and non-medical employees, conducted over three thousand background checks, vetted thousands of service providers, and provided a range of investigative services related to employees, vendors, and contractors in home services and healthcare facilities. Additionally, Levy took the initiative to create and continues to own a nationwide legal support services company and holds the position of C.E.O. Through this venture, his dedicated staff and network of international contractors work tirelessly to serve attorneys, law firms, and numerous Fortune 100 companies, addressing their outplacement legal support services and employee placement needs.

Yet, what truly sets Mr. Levy apart is his enduring commitment to offering Free Advice and Information to Seniors in South Florida. With more than two decades of personal experience and working with seniors and professionals in this sector, he has developed a deep well of expertise. His compassionate and caring nature shines through in everything he does. Mr. Levy is known for giving more to seniors in South Florida than anyone we have ever had the privilege of knowing. His kindness and dedication are beacons of hope for those he serves.

Mr. Jax Taylor, Co-Founder

Mr. Taylor’s journey through the digital realm of computers, software, programming, and Artificial Intelligence is nothing short of impressive. His academic foundation in computer science at Mason University laid the groundwork for a remarkable career dedicated to problem-solving and creating software solutions for small businesses. Mr. Taylor’s presence in our organization, extending for more than four years, has been nothing short of transformative.

In his role as our operational genius, Mr. Taylor plays a pivotal role in maintaining the efficiency and security of our operations. His expertise extends to overseeing systems, meticulously managing overhead costs, and safeguarding the confidential records and information of our valued clients. Through the implementation of a centralized cloud-based system, he ensures that all authorized members, clients, and volunteers have seamless access to essential files and records, around the clock.

The impact of Mr. Taylor’s contributions to our company is truly immeasurable. His dedication and expertise are woven into the very fabric of our organization, making him an indispensable part of our team. It is through his unwavering commitment and technical prowess that we are able to provide our services with the utmost efficiency and security, ensuring the well-being of our clients and the success of our mission.

Ms. Diane Bryan,  V.P. and Human Resource Manager and  Co-Founder

Ms. Bryan stands as the cherished elder stateswoman of our organization, an embodiment of wisdom and compassion that continues to inspire us. She is one of the guiding lights behind the creation of our dedicated non-medical care system for the elderly and senior citizens in South Florida, motivated by her deep understanding of their unique needs and a heartfelt commitment to their well-being.

In her vibrant and diverse life journey, Ms. Bryan has been a source of inspiration. She has shared her knowledge and passion as a former teacher, graced the stage as an actress, and nurtured the talents of many as a theater coach. To add to her remarkable accomplishments, she has penned five books, a testament to her creativity and storytelling prowess.

For the past three years, Ms. Bryan has been an integral part of our organization, contributing her time, wisdom, and expertise. In her role as our dedicated Human Resource Manager, she diligently manages admission applications, oversees our valued volunteers, and is the friendly face behind most personnel and client requests. Her warmth and kindness radiate through her every interaction, making her a source of comfort and guidance for those she serves.

Ms. Bryan’s legacy and impact are immeasurable, and her commitment to the elderly and senior citizens in our community is nothing short of inspirational. We are truly grateful for her presence and the light she brings to our organization and the lives of those she touches.

Mr. Leonard Cohen, Executive Advocate, Retired Attorney 

Mr. Cohen, a distinguished retired attorney hailing from both New York and Florida, is an irreplaceable pillar of support for our organization. His generous contributions and unwavering assistance have been instrumental in enabling us to offer the comprehensive services we provide to our community. Mr. Cohen’s role is nothing short of exceptional, and he stands as a beacon of wisdom, guidance, and heartfelt care, much like a beloved grandfather to all of us.

In his role, Mr. Cohen maintains close and invaluable connections with our team and tirelessly collaborates with everyone. His legal expertise, along with his compassionate nature, ensures the warm embrace of protected care and understanding we live by. He embodies a nurturing presence that transcends mere professional support.

Mr. Cohen’s dedication and tireless efforts have played an integral part in our organization’s success. His presence is felt in every corner of our work, and his kind and caring personality resonates with everyone he encounters. We are profoundly fortunate to have him as a guiding force in our mission to make a positive difference in the lives of those we serve.

Michael Schwartz, Executive Advocate, Retired M.D.

Dr. Schwartz boasts an illustrious career spanning over a quarter of a century in the medical field, a testament to his unwavering dedication to compassionate care and service. His invaluable contributions have not only nurtured the growth of our non-medical services but have also deepened our understanding of the multifaceted challenges that elders and seniors in need of care services encounter.

Dr. Schwartz’s role is distinct and incredibly meaningful. While he doesn’t directly provide medical services or offer medical opinions on behalf of our organization, he generously donates his time behind the scenes. Through this selfless commitment, he empowers our team with the knowledge and insights necessary to navigate the intricate challenges faced by elder and senior citizens. His guidance is instrumental in helping us enhance the quality of care we provide and extend greater comfort to those in need.

Dr. Schwartz’s presence within our organization is a beacon of kindness and knowledge. His unwavering support, fueled by compassion, enriches our efforts to make a positive impact in the lives of the elderly and seniors we serve. We are truly fortunate to have his wisdom and heartfelt dedication as part of our team.

Our Active Team of Volunteer Careful Advocates 

At any given moment, we have a minimum of nine to twenty advocates with active schedules, delivering care and support to numerous clients in Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, and Delray Beach.

Our careful advocates boast a diverse range of backgrounds, including but not limited to: Professionals, Retirees, Neighbors, Grandparents, Medical Staff, and Former Business Owners. Many have held roles such as managers, designers, coaches, teachers, investigators, drivers, nurses, secretaries, social workers, painters, artists, musicians, photographers, sales, general contractors, hair stylists, waitresses, caregivers, flight attendants, law enforcement officers, small business owners, and even a croupier! All have been extensively vetted.

** Agency for Civil Enforcement Corporation is a Florida Based Private Investigation Agency, Licensed with the State of Florida, License # A9900347. Jonathan Levy is the founder and sole owner since 1999. 

In remembrance of Bernie, a New York judge, attorney, and our Careful Advocate guidance counselor – our dear friend and advocate, whose memory will be cherished eternally by many.

In remembrance of Diane – “Doodle.”  In memory of Ms. Bryan, we mourn the loss of our beloved leader and beacon of guidance. Diane, our maternal figure and source of inspiration, nurtured in us the virtues of compassion, care, and respect for our elders and their trials. Through her, we have grown into better individuals, carrying forward her gentle and caring spirit. As we pursue her vision of enhancing the lives of seniors, we cherish the legacy of her wisdom and kindness. Ms. Bryan departed this world at the age of 101 on March 21, 2024.

Quality care, understanding, and support for your loved one are our top priorities.