Seniors Can Now Easily Become a Careful Advocate client and get special treatment in a moments notice

 We Work to Help Seniors and Never Charge a Fee for our Services

A thoughtful senior advocate provides care and support for you and or your loved one.

The steps for applying for our no-cost senior services, qualifying for senior managed care and  support services is easy.

It only takes a minute or two

Explore Our Website and Learn How We Assist Seniors Entirely for Free

Seniors seeking help should thoroughly explore each page of our website. Learn how we work and  provide no-cost senior advocacy services. Once you’ve read through and accepted our terms and policies, proceed to email us here

Tell us about yourself or loved one

Fill out the form and submit it Now. Within approximately a few hours, expect an email follow-up from our office. How we work is simple, straight forward and direct. Use the form below to get started

After you Submit the form

After sending the form you can proceed to the “Schedule a Consultation” form. How we work is easy, just choose a date and time for your no-cost introductory consultation and we’ll confirm accordingly

In-Person Interview

Following our initial discussion, schedule a no-cost, in-person interview with Careful Advocate. We come you!

Advocate’s Assessment:

After we meet in person your senior advocate will create a confidential file detailing your or your loved one’s needs. We will then reach out to you to discuss and plan for the commencement of the needed personalized services.

Service Commencement

Initiate services as planned and as needed.

Follow-Up Reports

Anticipate follow-up reports from your advocate after each meeting with your loved one.

Continuous Communication:

Throughout the entire experience, maintain open communication with us. Feel free to contact us at any time, and rest assured that we will reach out to you when necessary.

Kindly note that in specific and uncommon situations, there is a possibility to expedite your application, consultation, and interview procedures. To initiate this process, kindly provide the specific reason for your request in writing. We assure a prompt response. If you choose to pursue accelerated acceptance for services, please learn how we work by sending us a personal and confidential email addressed to: to: Attention to: JL Urgent

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Send in your form, introduce yourself and we contact you to plan how to change your circumstances. You have questions, we have answers and advice.