FAQ About Senior Care Advocacy Services

FAQ Page About  No Cost Senior Care Advocacy Services

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Senior Managed Care and Support Services

What specificl senior care services, provided at no cost, are available through your offerings?

Our array of senior services is extensive, covering aspects such as overseeing lifestyle and treatment, providing companionship, ensuring essential needs are met, managing personalized non medical senior support services, and more.

How do I become a client?

Selective and limited membership is open to seniors and their family in Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, and Delray Beach. To qualify, please use this membership application form.

Is there a cost for your senior services?

Our senior managed care and support non medical services are provided at no cost. We operate on a donation-based model, relying on the generosity of our clients to support our mission of personalized care for seniors.

Who is eligible for your senior managed care and support ?

Our senior care and support services are available in Boca Raton, Boynton Beach and Delray Beach Florida to preapproved seniors and their families.  We strive to ensure equal access to our non-medical senior care and support services.

Please be advised, from time to time we get “booked up” and may not be able to assist you or your loved one. Please contact us for availability and to discuss your or your loved ones needs.

How are donations utilized?

Contributions play a pivotal role in maintaining the continuity of our senior care and support services. They are utilized to finance our non-medical senior care services, encompassing expenses associated with senior management, provided care time, travel time, materials, supplies, addressing time-sensitive matters during extraordinary events and assuring availability around the clock.

Are your Volunteer / Senior Advocates trained?

Our senior volunteer advocates are personally and extensively experienced with handling their own loved ones as well as countless former and current clients and their families. Our senior advocate volunteers undergo careful advocate in house training to assure our clients quality services by providing superior non-medical senior care and support. While we are not medical professionals, we are dedicated senior advocates with diverse backgrounds committed to enhancing the non medical care and well-being of our clients and their family members.

How can I donate to Careful Advocate?

You can contribute by visiting our website’s donation page or by clicking here DONATE HERE. Your support helps us continue offering free non-medical managed care to select seniors and elders, and their families. And, if you are interested in ongoing scheduled care for your loved one, your donations will help us facilitate consistent careful senior advocacy support services.

Is there a recommended amount for a typical donation?
We do not specify donation amounts, but on average, we receive around $95.00 for a one time basic service. The extent and frequency of planned services may influence the amount of donations, with more involved services potentially attracting contributions in the range of $95.00-$500.00 or higher per week

What if I have specific requests for senior care?

We understand that everyone’s needs are unique. After you are approved and become a client, please contact us to discuss specific senior care and support requests, and we’ll do our best to accommodate and tailor our services accordingly.

How can I get involved as a volunteer and become an Senior Advocate with Careful Advocate?

We encourage individuals interested in advocating for seniors to volunteer their time. We extend a warm welcome to those who share our passion for supporting and caring for seniors. Explore the various pages on this website to discover opportunities and learn how you can engage. If you are interested in becoming a senior advocate with Careful Advocate, please click here on VOLUNTEER for more information and to apply.

Is there an age limit for a Careful Advocacy client?

No! Our caring non medical senior advocacy services are designed for seniors and their loved ones. Typically, the average of our clients are 78-109. However, exceptions can be made based on individual circumstances.

How can I reach out to Careful Advocate for assistance?

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns; we’re here to help. You can reach us through our contact us page. It’s important to note that we can provide advice, consultations, or connect you with vetted service providers only after you’ve been approved as a client. Nevertheless, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime for information.

Can I refer someone for your services?

Absolutely. If you know a senior or have a family member who could benefit from our non-medical care and support services, please refer them to us. We will give you a 250.00 gift certificate to a restaurant of your choice, if your referral becomes our client. 

What makes your non-medical care senior services meaningful for seniors?

Careful Advocate non medical, no cost senior services are rooted in compassion, respect, and personalized care. We focus on creating meaningful connections, understanding individual needs, and enhancing the overall well-being of our senior clients.

How do you ensure the safety and security of seniors receiving your services?

The safety of our clients is a top priority. We conduct background checks on all advocate volunteers (and even some who care for your loved one that are not affiliated with Careful Advocate) implement safety protocols, and regularly assess and update our practices to provide a secure environment for our cherished seniors.

Can you provide examples of personalized services and support offered to seniors?

Our volunteer advocates engage in activities tailored to the interests and preferences of each client. This can include spending quality time to foster companionship, monitoring the qualify of care, overseeing and planning for lifestyle changes, advocating for enhanced care through consistent contact with caregivers and senior service providers.

How does Careful Advocate promote a sense of well being, care and support among its clients?

We monitor, create and encourage opportunities for seniors to connect with and interact as reasonably possible. Whenever we can we make our advocates available to meet, speak on the phone and when possible, email and use the internet for live meetings. We create a supportive environment of interaction and consistency where clients can share experiences, build relationships and have increased opportunities to enjoy a sense of belonging.

How does emotional support contribute to your non-medical care and senior services?

Fostering emotional well-being, akin to the care provided by a close friend or family member, lies at the heart of our care and support philosophy. Our committed volunteer advocates extend empathetic support, actively listen, and offer encouragement. By concentrating on the emotional needs of our clients, we identify concerns and issues that might be overlooked in traditional in-home caregiving or facility settings. In contrast to ordinary caregivers and facility service providers who often adhere to minimal, clock-watching services, our advocates prioritize a level of attention and care that goes beyond the commonplace, transcending the basic minimum typically offered in many caregiving scenarios.

How do you collaborate with families to ensure the best care and support for seniors?

We maintain consistent open communication with you and your loved ones, and will be active with non medical care planning. This collaborative approach ensures that our senior care and support aligns with the preferences and values of our senior clients and their loved one.

How often are your non-medical care and support services available to seniors?

We offer flexible scheduling based on the needs of our clients and availability. Whether our clients require occasional assistance or ongoing support, we work to accommodate their schedules and provide senior care and support when it is most beneficial and as needed.

How do you adapt your senior care and support services to accommodate sudden or planned changes in life situations?

A volunteer advocate from Careful Advocate serves as a dedicated and compassionate connection, managing critical tasks and offering unparalleled support. They add a personal and kind touch to the services offered, ensuring your well-being and unique needs.

FAQ Perspectives:
Here are some key roles and abilities of our Advocate Volunteers:


Our volunteer advocates provide a sense of  friendly companionship to combat loneliness and isolation. They engage in meaningful conversations, offer a friendly face, and provide emotional support, helping to improve the overall well-being of our clients.

          Lifestyle Checks:  

Our volunteer advocates can visit clients’ homes or facilities where they are residing to assess their living conditions and ensure they are safe and comfortable. This includes checking for hazards, looking for unsanitary conditions, verifying if the services of others as agreed and expected, and identifying any non medical issues that may require attention.


When clients family and friends are too far away, physically incapable, or unable to be there for their loved one, we take on the responsibility of their advocate. advocates communicate on behalf of the client and family, ensuring their preferences, needs, and wishes are understood and respected by service providers, professionals, caregivers, or other service providers.

          Personal Support: 

Our volunteer advocates extend individualized support, empathy, and a compassionate ear. Whether offering comfort during difficult moments, guiding clients through emotional challenges, or serving as a source of encouragement during periods of change, our advocates are there to provide solace. Additionally, their presence can be simply to offer consistency and a steadfast show of support, without any specific reason other than being there when needed.

          Personalized Support:  

Our volunteer advocates are experienced and trained to adapt to the unique needs and preferences of each client, ensuring that the support provided is tailored to their circumstances as they change.

          Coordination of Services:  

Our volunteer advocates can help coordinate appointments, manage schedules, work with service providers and manage  necessary services to ensure they are carried out as planned.

          Crisis Response:  

In times of emergencies or unexpected situations, our volunteer advocates can be on-site to provide immediate support and coordination, offering reassurance and guidance to both the client and their family (only as available and or planned in advance).

Most FAQ and Answer Provided

When a specialized service is needed for your loved one, we will take on the responsibility of coordinating the entire process with your authorization and direction only. This includes arranging meetings with relevant service providers, obtaining estimates, conducting interviews, moving out, moving in, and planning every aspect on your behalf. We understand that navigating the complexities of specialized care and support services can be overwhelming, and we are available and ready, as available, to simplify and destress the process.

Our Careful Advocates will work closely with you to identify the specific needs and preferences of your loved one. Once we have a clear understanding of the requirements and needs, we will leverage our advocates to connect with our network of trusted service providers to arrange meetings, obtain estimates and advocate for you and your loved one everyway we can. Our goal is to ensure that you receive the best possible options that align with your loved one’s unique needs.

Do you actually meet with contractors, real estate agents, medical experts, caregivers, service providers, cable companies, etc. on our behalf? 

Yes we do. We are all about being there for you and your loved one!  And, if you are in need of a special service provider, we not only have the capability to recommend vetted and trusted service providers to you, but we will also arrange meetings with them for estimates, repairs, hook-ups, move-ins, move-outs, packing and shipping, buying and selling, and more.

What would be the best description of what Careful Advocate does for elders, seniors and their families?

Careful Advocate serves as your advocate and partner, ensuring that the best interests of your loved one takes precedence in every decision. We conduct essential observations, assess living conditions, observe interactions, and coordinate plans, providing you with the assurance that your loved one is closely monitored, treated properly and receives consistent interactions focused on delivering care and support to your family member.

Further, our dedication is to ease the challenges of navigating specialized services and offer you peace of mind, ensuring that your loved one receives the utmost quality care and support. We are here to facilitate a smooth and stress-free journey for you and your family.

Kindly be aware that Careful Advocate strictly refrains from providing any medical services or advice. We do not participate in medical observations, discussions, or recommendations. In no circumstance will we offer or be involved in providing medical advice or care. We lack the qualifications, licenses, or legal permissions to engage in medical solutions.

Despite not being a medical service, we uphold rigorous privacy and confidentiality standards for all our clients. At no point is personal data disclosed to any third party. The relationship we maintain with our members is held in the strictest confidence and is securely stored in a highly protected data center located within the residence of our CEO.

We are fully committed to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of our clients’ personal information. Our organization complies with all applicable privacy laws and regulations to safeguard the sensitive data entrusted to us. Rest assured, your personal information is handled with the utmost care and is never shared with external entities.

The confidential nature of our client relationships is integral to our commitment to providing a safe and trustworthy environment for those we serve. Our dedicated approach ensures that your privacy is protected at all times, and your trust is of paramount importance to us.”

Does anyone qualify for your services?

Please be aware, becoming an approved client with our organization is contingent upon preapproval, and not all applicants will be granted approved status. It is crucial to recognize that the information submitted to us must be verifiable and confirmed before we can proceed to provide care and support services. We anticipate all applicants and, upon approval, active clients to uphold a commitment to truthfulness and honesty, mirroring the assurance we provide in return.

Are you licensed bond and insured?

Can you tell us some of the senior services you do not provide?

We do not offer any kind of legal or medical advisory. But we know who can should you need a recommendation.

We do not touch our members.

We do not transport clients in wheelchairs, but refer you to who does.

We do not engage in or request food, meds or any other personal preferences. But we will work with, on your behalf, those who do.

We do not order or deliver food. But can arrange for or work with those who do.

As previously stated throughout this entire website, Careful Advocate provides a wide range of non medical caring and support no cost services. We listed most of our services on our services page. But for the purpose of offering you some services while you are here, these are some of the elder and senior care services we do provide:

Act as a friend.

Observe and report back to you in real time.

Make recommendations to the person who is our authorized client.

Discreetly obtain information about the facility and employees.

Identify possible issues, past, pending or possible.

Make social visits by scheduled appointments and routines.

Make unannounced visits, where permissible

Upon written request from the authorized client, we will handle personal matters at a residence, facility, nursing home, bank, meet with medical or legal representatives, and assist with meetings on your behalf.

Related Answers to FAQ

We provide personalized assistance as approved by our authorized clients.

We can Facetime/Zoom meetings with you and your your loved one.

We can take images, overtly and covertly.

We can be available for any and all of your needs, just ask. 

All communications, records, notes and reports are in strict confidence

FAQ are good for everyone, have a question? Reach out to us. We’re here with helpful answers and suggestions.